What does he want?

I have been talking to this guy over the texts and online for a while now. He lives far away so it isn't like we would ever meet, but he says he likes me a lot and even he loves me sometimes. He also is always asking for pictures of me. Some good normal pictures and some that are like not if you know what I mean. He also tells me I'm beautiful and things like that. He has asked for my friends #'s a few times, but says he isn't gonna hit on them like he does me( he said that on his own with out me asking questions or anything). What is really going on and is he in to me?


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  • He sounds like an internet predator, honestly. How did you meet? How old are the two of you?

    • We met threw friends and 18

    • Oh, huh. I don't know, then. It sounds odd that he's asking to talk to your friends, though. That kind of makes me think that he's interested in hitting on them, and he doesn't actually care about you.

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  • did you meet in a chatroom? & it sounds like you 2 are dating over the internet & he sounds like he wants to know if you are legit and you are who you say you r.

    • And yah he sounds like he is in to u

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