I think I like my boyfriend too much...

We've only been together a few months... like out in the open at least. We were exclusive friends with benefits since a year and a half ago but started being in a relationship a few months ago.

Anyway, I REALLY REALLY like him... and I know he doesn't like me as much. What should I do?

I don't want to end up falling seriously in love with him and have him be like oh no biggie and then me devastated when we eventually break up. Please help.


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  • you said it yourself .. you like him very much .. he doesn't .. its pretty messed up nothin you can do but be realistic and face concequences .. friends with benefits just sucks

  • thats what FWB is- just sex and no relationship what'd you expect

    • but were not FWB anymore. We both admitted we like each other. And we've been in an awesome relationship since...

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    • What don't you understand... he is my BOYFRIEND. He calls me his girlfriend, we go on dates, our families and friends and everybody knows were together and we go on double dates with friends. He is my BOYFRIEND. and we have an actual relationship, not just sex and then leaving. And he is also one of my closest friends. I just think I love him and he's not at that level yet. So now you sound dumb as f***.

    • oh OK I didn't know that

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