Why would she do that ?

I asked a girl from work (we are both waiters) out and she said yes, but she is acting distant and today after her shift ended (she is morning shift I m night) she sat in my area of serving with a guy -_- I know they might be just friends but whyyyy do that in front the person you have a date with? I am thinking of fighting back by cancelling the date and never asking her out again cause I don't think id like a girlfriend like that


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  • She said yes to your date. Try to be patient. Go out with her. You can ask about the guy on the date (say he looked familiar to you and you couldn't place him). It will be interesting to see what she says.

    If a guy asked me out and I said yes, I would not bring another guy that I liked around. It is quite possible it is a very good friend (or even a family member).

    • nope, he's a coworker of her :P

    • Does that mean he is a coworker of yours and you all work together? If that is so, then don't worry about it. Also, if she was inbetween jobs and he came over to take a break w/her they really could be friends. I would try to have more patience.

  • Well, you two aren't even officially dating yet so there is no reason for this jealousy.

    After a few dates people see if they are compatible or not. You two haven't even gotten to the stage. It'd be different if she was seeing you and then you saw that (then I'd understand your feelings).

    Also, the fact that she is acting distant isn't a good sign. She could be blatantly showing her interest level for you (which is none). I would continue to look closely at the way she is treating me and go off of that. This could mean, she just said "yes" only because she was trying to be nice.

    Asking someone out on a date that works with you isn't such a great idea. It can make the work place a little awkward and tense. A lot of jobs ban this because it isn't suitable for a work environment.


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