GUYS: Did I misinterpret his text? Help!

I invited my friend over for a get together where we would have drinks and stuff and he said he had class so he couldn't drink. Then he texted me:

"Could have a sober party lol. Our two person party."

It was the second time he mentioned this, so I replied "Haha okay that works too." And he replied "What time is arrival"

After that happened, he gave me some excuse like "Oh I might have to do something tomorrow, I'll let you know :)" He never let me know, and it's been 3 days and he hasn't texted me since! That same night when I asked him however, he even brought it up again, asking "What's the deal for tomorrow if I come thru?"

Did he not realize it was going to be just me and him and got freaked out?

I don't get what I did wrong Should I text him tmo?


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  • merp sounds like he's kind of being a flake. he definitely got that it would just be the two of you... just tell him something like "if you want to come hang out, I'm free (insert times you are free/would like him to come over). let me know when you know your schedule". simple and straightforward- and leaves the ball in his court- hopefully he'll figure his sh*t out and decide what he wants to do.

    • He knows that I'm leaving for college tomorrow and I told him I couldn't hangout any other day. Do you think because of that he just didn't bother with me?

    • who knows... honestly, not worth your time, though, if he's not going to be more straightforward than that.

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  • That's why I prefer to talk in person or on the phone =/ because sometimes I misread things U_U and you can't really tell the tone in which the person is speak or whatever when it's over text and you can take it the wrong way and say things that didn't need to be said. U_U

    But I would just ask him if he wants to hang out or w.e. then let you know because you don't want to plan something or w.e. and him not pull through for you. =/

  • Why do you think you did something wrong? Maybe he forgot or maybe he did get scared or freaked out. Just text him asking him what's up and what happened about the "two person party" :)

  • text him.if he repeats the same then ask him what's the deal?


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