Why doesn't he message me first anymore?

I've known this guy for about 2 years now, we use to talk every single day, he's even said he loved me, but he dated this girl for 5days and they broke up but still talk, now he usually never talks to me, unless I start the conversation and even at that he'll either look at my message and not reply or he'll message me back for a bit with the same stuff every time, hey beautiful, love you, been busy gotta go. Like come on. I'm very confused. Please help!


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  • Apparently he's too busy show the kind of quality interest in you the way you like or the way he use to in the past. I'm going to give to you raw and uncut. Maybe he still have some interest in that girl. I don't want to make you feel disappointed. Maybe it's time you start giving him the same starving treatment and see if he start missing you enough to text you more. When you stop doing the same routine people begin to wonder what got your interest...Then again maybe he have been very busy. Ask him if he have any spare time to go out on a date. If he say no, then what you think?

    • Thanks, any tips on how to ignore him like he does to me? Because I've tried before and every time I notice he's online or something, I cave in and message him..

    • Option (1): You can stop caving in to message him because he expect you to do so, this will be something unusual to him and might caused to break in and message you as to why. Then you tell him exactly how you feel. (2): Ignore him all together. Find someone else that's shows a great interest in you or have friends that can keep you occupied enough not to message him. (3): Only message people you two know and never comment with him or about him

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  • Let him go. That is the best thing you can do


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