How did I mess up with this guy?

So I kissed this guy I have been talking to for a while...I thought it was nice but then the day after he msged me a poem (he likes to write poetry) it wasn't a love poem or anything I'm not sure what it was about and when I asked what the poem was about he didn't respond... Then the next day he didn't message me he's normally the one to message first... but when he didn't message me first I took it upon myself to try and talk to him but his answers were sort of short like he didn't want to talk to me. At this point I didn't know what to say to him again so I just asked him what the poem was about again and he didn't respond and he hasn't msged me for 3 days now... So now I feel like it was a bad kiss and he doesn't want to speak to me again... and If it wasn't the kiss then I don't know what went wrong... I decided not to message him and give him some space but it's all depressing me...what should I do to fix this and what do you think I did wrong?


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  • Maybe there's nothing to fix. And maybe he's insulted by you asking what the poem was about, and maybe there's another girl.

    But you know what is certain? That whatever is going on is not worth this much frustration, so I suggest you stop talking to him and

    • :( Its just I really like him...and we were friends first...we have most of the same friends actually...and we've been talking for so long and I miss talking to him so now I'm just confused and frustrated and don't know what to do...

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    • Thanks I'll wait a while again...but I feel like I need to find out what happened even if he just has to say he lost interest...I don't know I guess its like a sort of closure thing I at least I know that its not that I did something wrong and messed things up...

    • Well here's some information on life. There's going to be a ton of times where you don't get closure. People are going to walk away from your life out of nowhere and never return. And you're not going to always know why.

      Even still, some people will say why, and you'll find out later that they were lying and they were just trying to make you feel bad.

      My advice...forget people that walk away like they forgot about you.

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