Am I just a rebound?

me and my boyfriend just started the relationship. and it was really quite fast. I've known him since high school and we were dating for two/three days and asked me to be his girlfriend. and I don't think it's right. but anyway, on his previous relationship which had ended up 4months ago and they were like in a relationship for 3years.. and I'm like "oohkaayy?(confused)" he mentions his ex girlfriends sometimes. and I just feel like listening to him. well, back to my question, am I just a rebound?

he's been doing a lot in our relationship already, I asked him if he had already moved on and he said yes, and he assures me that he did but still I feel a bit insecure cause you know, 3 years is 3 years.

in our 18 days, we've already, maked out (is that even normal) , he introduced me with his family and friends, talks about his future plans with me, we see each other more often.


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  • Yea, making out by day 18 is relatively normal. And considering your age range, it's not all that bizarre to have introduced you to family.

    It sounds like your idea of dating is much more conservative and logical than his, and that's ok.

    I will say considering all things, don't expect the relationship to last forever. Not because you're rebound, because there isn't anything that says that for sure in what you shared.

    But I don't expect this guy to be someone that totally knows what he wants from a relationship, and that could potentially spell trouble later down the road.

    Until then, enjoy the experience.

    • Yeeey! :) tysm for the answer! I truly appreciate it. Anyway, I'm getting tired of this relationshiP, not because I don't like him, but sometimes I feel like it's better to be single.I got pressured by him actually that's why we're now in a relationship. I wanted to take things slow but he seem to be a bit aggresive. I just can't see my future with him, I said yes just for the heck. And now, I'm reggreting. I don't know how to end it up. I tried to tell him but the words wouldn't come out. -_-

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  • He seems very infatuated with you, I wouldn't worry too much about it! : )

    • thanks for the answer! ^_^ he keeps on telling me he loves me but for my part I really couldn't say I love him back . I just don't know what to do.

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    • Exactly! :) should I stay in the relationship or let go? I just said yes for the heck.. Because of pressure. I like him yes, but love? I can't say.. I know someone out there is much better than him for me. I just feel guilty that I'm not contented of him. I put effort just for us to work out.

    • If you feel he isn't the right one, then let him go.

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