Online weirdos on date sites?

What do you consider the telltales of an online weirdos when dating on internet?


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  • #1: People who send sexual messages to people they've never met or barely met.

    #2: People who are really angry and talk about how much they hate (the opposite gender/their dad/a different ethnic group/etc)

    #3: Trying to explain that you're a nice person by explaining all of the weird/bad things you WOULDN'T do. "I'm not the kinda guy who would follow a girl to her house after a date without her knowing." or "I'm not going to rape you." (I've heard both of's weird because most people don't feel the need to explain that they aren't a criminal).


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  • They're all weirdos unless proven otherwise.


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  • I've met a few women from online dating sites in person, and I've heard a lot of creep stories.

    If you are a guy, avoid the following:

    1. Posting pics of your junk (or you completely naked with your junk covered).

    2. Using poor grammar in your profile. And only writing 3 sentences on your profile.

    3. Sending boilerplate messages like "hi how are u" or "hey you are beautiful" that you can just copy and paste to 100 other people

    4. Talking about dating or the dating process with the woman.

    5. Only posting pics of yourself in your bedroom, alone, in darkly lit rooms or always with a serious angry or grim face.

    6. Writing a laundry list of all the things you don't like about a woman