Questions for girls who use or have used online dating?

I'm about to give online dating another go, even though I'm not exactly a raving fan of it. Anyway, I have a few questions for the ladies regarding the concept of online dating.

-Do you bother to message/wink at guys on dating sites or like in real life, do you wait and expect the guys to message you?

-What are some of the key search filters that you put in to the search field (i.e. height, income, etc.)

-Are there any attributes that when seen on a profile are deal breakers (i.e. smokes, too short, not enough money, etc.)

-How many messages/winks did you get form guys on average per week.

-Do you care whether the site thinks your a match or do you just go off of your own criteria?

-Is his appearance or profile information more important?


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  • I mainly just look at his appearance and his occupation...

    I'm educated and dating a bum is a no no for me .

  • I've been on many sites in the past. Personally I've found for me the whole thing was a waste between the scammers and the hit and runs but some use it successfully. I just don't have the time to deal with it. However to answer your question. Most often if I found someone that looked interesting I used winks just to get them to look at my profile. When I sent a message first it was because there was something outstanding. Attributes that most women look for are like anything else, individual. For many, as in real life, smoking is a deal breaker and any other attribute could be depending on someone's lifestyle. I received a lot of winks and messages initially. It always tapers off the longer you're on the site. For me, I couldn't care less about their "matching" system. I prefered to use my own. And again, the importance of appearance will vary. For me that was only a partial concern. I like someone who looks like they care about their appearance but he doesn't have to be an the most gorgeous.. Some care more about that than others.

    If you're new to the scene watch out. There are about 50% scammers online and most from Nigeria and Ghana but you won't know it till they ask you for money for a sick relative, or having theirs stolen while traveling, NEVER send money no matter what the story till you meet them and know they're for real.


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