Would you date someone who is bipolar???

I found out that this guy that I have been seeing for a while is bipolar and not on his medication hmmm d0o0 you think that I should keep seeing and would you even consider dating someone who is bipolar?


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  • Possibly, but I definitely would not if they weren't taking their medication.

    • Yeahhh I know it was a big shocker for me but it explained a lot of things that would happen with him and yeahh I found out from his best friend n0o0ott him s00o0 I really don't know h0o0owww t0o0o approach it when I see him . . .

    • Well, if he didn't even tell you himself, I honestly wouldn't trust him, personally. I would be extremely wary of him, if I were you.

    • Yeahh I'm really thinking about like ending the relationship and just being friends you know becasue this is a big thing . . . well at least it is t0o0o me and well I think that he should have told and maybe he was but still you know . . .and t0o0o be honest it kind freaks me out cause I have been though some episodes with some bi poler people before and well yeahh it's pretty scary

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  • My mom is bipolar..So I've been exposed to it my whole life...At times it can be difficult when they're not on their medication. I do think that if you like the guy, then you should definitely still date him. It's not a real debilitating disorder. Some of the mood swings can be annoying, but it's really not too bad! Good luck!

    • Yeahh thanks I found out from his best friend n0o0ott him though and that cincerns me a lot you knoww

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    • I say you shouldn't really be that stressed about it...obviously you didn't have a problem with him being emotional until you found out about him being bipolar...i do recommend asking him to get meds for it whenever he tells you about it. The meds worked wonders for my mom! But good luck with it all and keep updated!

    • Ohhh trust me I WILL lol

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