What would be your ideal progression key events/dates in a new relationship?

So say you just met this new person and are about to go on your first date. Ideally how would things progress between the two of you from date to date?

What types of things would you like or find acceptable for a first date (dinner, movie, coffee, etc)?

What about subsequent dates (bar, sporting event, concert)?

When would you feel comfortable meeting their friends?

When would you feel comfortable meeting their family?

When would you feel comfortable coming to their house?

When would you feel comfortable having sex for the first time?

When do you expect the two of you to say "I love you"?

Basically I'm looking for a number as to how many dates before you would do these things or also feel free to list a time frame in terms of how long you've been dating (week, months, 3months, year, etc.).

One of the main reasons I ask this question, is I will admit my sense of timing in regards to the progression of a relationship is completely off. I just don't subscribe to the taboos of dating, where I feel like I must wait for certain things. Like I usually have no problem introducing a new girl to my friends and family almost right away. I think I tend to scare girls of as a result of this because I appear to be moving to fast.


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  • I usually like to take a walk on the beach and than have a nice dinner at a restaurant on the beach strip. Girls seem to love eating while watching the ocean. Mini golf and roller skating at a roller skating rink has also been good first dates for me.

    Subsequent dates depends on what we have in common. If she's a sports girl, then a sporting event may be a good idea. If we enjoy the same type of comedy, then a comedy club might work.

    I'm a sociable person so I'm comfortable meeting her friends at any point. When a girl likes a guy, she normally will want to introduce him to her inner circle fairly early in the courtship process(usually after a few dates).

    After we've concluded that we are a good fit for one another, then I'm comfortable with meeting her folks. However, It should be noted that I'm a very confident person.

    I'm always comfortable enough to go a woman's house or have sex. I usually wait until I get a couple of signs that she's ready for sex(inviting me up late night after dates, or if she frequently wants to kiss and fondle, especially if she initiates French kissing.

    I personally don't like to exchange I love you's until I know for sure that it isn't my lust for her that's prompting me to say it. I don't have a desired time frame to say it; I just want to be sure that I mean it before it's conveyed. I think that in general people prefer to say it after five or six months of dating.

    Although every person have their own preferences and circumstances, I think that if two people are compatible and honest, then dating should be played by ear.

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