Concert As A First Date....

Do you think that asking a girl I like to tag along to a concert I'm attending is a good idea for a first date?

It's a Bob Dylan concert.


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  • I think concerts are excellent first dates!

    Every concert date I've ever been on...

    if it was a first, he got another..

    if it wasn't a first, he got a little something something...


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  • Yeah, I saw Bob Dylan in concert. He is getting old, he is a classic and worth seeing because he might not be around too much longer. His current music sounds nothing like his old music though. It might be kind of an old crowd. Gonna be super laid back show.

  • Depends on the concert.

    Who else is going...

    Will you spend time before and after with her...

    Is it a blow your ear drums out concert...

    I find it hard to socialize at concerts personally because they are too loud or everybody is paying too much attention to the music or there are too many people...

    It could be okay. You guys would have something to discuss afterward.

    It's cool.

  • very romantic


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