Is it a rebound & does he still love me?

My fiance' dumped me a month ago. We had been having more arguments than usual but I thought we would work through it. We have spent every single weekend together for as long as I can remember. From Friday to Sunday afternoon. Then we usually see each other once sometimes twice a week. I was with him on July 28th. On Aug 3rd I went to his house it was Friday night & he told me it was over. That he had met someone the previous Sunday! He still calls me every day at least once sometimes 2 or 3 times. I've only seen him once & he hugged me & kissed me. He didn't ask for the 2 carat ring he gave me either. He says I'm still the most special, sexy, wonderful women he has ever met & he doesn't know what will happen or even why he is doing this! Could this be a midlife crisis? he's early 50's. We both have been married before & both have almost grown kids! Help!


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  • Dumped you. Doesn't love you.

    Dumped you a couple weeks later. Loves you again. will have the option of...


    Get back together and end up him losing interest in you again or dumping you again.

    Move on and find someone better or worse.

    Life until death.


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