What does this mean?

Someone recently took a very long time time replying to me and while doing so just said "oh sorry, I didn't reply to you right away, then I forgot I hadn't"

I definitely thought this person was just ignoring me, and that's what I get.

Does that mean I was a bother? Or that somehow it was annoying for this person to give me some news?

How would you react if someone told you this?


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What Guys Said 1

  • If he was ignoring you, he wouldn't have bothered even apologising, you still wouldn't have heard from him.

    It's only happened once, everyone makes mistakes.

    • You're certainly right. The thing is, it was through mail, via social media, hadn't had any news for many months. I thought he was ignoring me because he was very "active". It is someone I don't even see anymore in daily life (for over a year). I used to sort of friendly keep int ouch with him though last year. Aside from saying this, he definitely sounded annoyed to give news. It was more in a "I did this, It was cool" simple, brief. He didn't even sound pleased to hear from me or whatever.

    • He didn't even ask how I was doing or the usual stuff people do. Just said in a very pissed way, that I too should give news but I definitely thought he had to be joking because in all those months he never once asked for them. So, yes, that was the impression I was under.

What Girls Said 1

  • umm ill just reply back saying oh aright no issues! and if he texts back and starts a conversation, that would mean he actually did forget to reply and wasn't trying to ignore you or something!

    • It was through mail. I hadn't had news for many months. I admit I have been quite upset to read this, it did made me think it was pointless to reach out. Thank you for your opinion

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