"I want to hang out and see how it goes?"

This guy I dated a few years ago said " I want to hang out and see how it goes?" obv I was concerned he's only coming back to get some action, and I made it known to him its NEVER happening when were not in a relationship, and this is the answer I got back from him...so what exactly does it mean, "hang out and see how it goes", it makes it seem like he's saying "don't get your hopes up"...i don't know that just doesn't sit well with me, we talk for hours and have a great chemistry, so why would it be any diff in person?...TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! THANKS!

oh and he said he was fine with the whole not hooking up thing...


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  • It sounds like he just wants to take things slow and see how it goes. He wants to spend time getting to know you again and see if his feelings grow. He is interested in becoming more and having a relationship in the future but for the moment he just wants to take it slow.

    If you like him and feel that it can be more in the future just go for it and see what happens. Life is about taking risks sometimes, having fun and see where things go. But I recommend that you don't sleep with him until you are official. If you give in and sleep with him before you get to a relationship stage then you will ruin your chances of having a relationship with him,developing the relationship in to more.


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  • It does sound to me like he wants some action. I have an ex like this, but no way jose am going to be a fwb. The way he sees it... My ex said he's so comfortable with me since we've been together before and all that bs.

  • to me it sounds like he maybe wants to get to know you again and maybe start up a relationship again...or maybe I'm just being naive and he just wants some action. but that's what it sounds like to me, considering the fact that I don't know him personally.

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