Guys, how would you feel if a girl said this to you?

One of my guy friends gave me the advice to go up to a guy that I had class with but never met before and introduce myself and say you seem pretty interesting and I would like it if we hung out sometime and got to know one another. So what do you think of girl that you have never met before but see around coming up and saying that to you? I thought it seemed a little forward and creepy but I don't know. I think it might have worked better than my route.

This is what I did:

I missed class one morning and I was in the library later with a friend.
I saw him in the library and said your in my class right? And confirmed and said I missed class asked him what we did and introduced myself and shook his hand. Then started to ask me where I sat, if I sat on the other side of the lecture hall...


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  • too forward--it puts too much pressure on the guy.

    Go up to him (kudos for doing this part) and say that he seems interesting to talk to. You shouldn't have decided whether to hang out with him at this point because you don't even know if you'd want to. If the conversation goes well, then suggest you two something.


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  • Well it would be a pretty obvious signal that you were interested. I might not word it quite like that either, it seems a bit forward and doesn't sound natural. I'd like it if a girl said that/something like it to me. It would be nice and it would make it much easier for me to open up to her.

  • If some random chick came up to me and said "You seem pretty interesting and I would like it if we hung out sometime and got to know one another." I would definitely walk away.

    That statement shows that a girl has no originality and is just plain weird.


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