I am putting this here because I need some tips but I don't know if they are normal

tips. I have always been the woman to be very blunt and up front with men. I will start the convo and ask the man out. I know what I want and I get it type of deal. But this man that I want to pursue he is amazing and I feel so different with him. It hard to explain. I would like him to pursue me. he is very busy owns his own restaurant and is moving to a house he just brought and re modeling it. I am busy myself school looking to for work and so on. He is greek I don't know if that has to do anything with it.He ma and family really likes me and they are the sweetest things on this planet. but anyways my question is how do I get him to pursue me? Every time I go to ask him one of my family members do something to keep our attention to our convo or us talking. I am getting aggravated. Advice? tips?


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  • you don't, you ask him out...

    • Do guys like being pursued?

    • who DOESN'T like being pursued...?

      You don't hear many guys saying: " MAN!...I can't handle all these women asking me out dude! I wish they'd just f***ing STOP already!"

    • Just thought from reason guys like the chase and all.

  • god bless women like you


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