Was she politely saying no?

So, a few weeks ago I went to a festival with a friend of mine and a bunch of her friends. One of these friends was a girl that I was into and I am pretty sure that she is into me as well. But I did not make a move since I knew she would be on vacation for 3 weeks after the festival. This might seem stupid but I did not feel like just being together with someone and then not seeing her for almost a month.

Anyway, she came back about a week ago, and this Wednesday we went on a date. It was a lot of fun, we laughed a lot etc...

Now, as I got her back to her place I tried to start 'the conversation' which basically went like this.

Her: "I had a lot of fun."

Me: "Yeah, me too. So... what do we do since I really like you."

Her: "I am not quite sure yet, sorry."

I think she was just politely rejecting me, or am I being too pessimistic here and should I try harder?


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  • If you hadn't told her you liked her before, she might just have given you an abrupt, panicky answer. It also might be soon, and she might not like to take things fast. She might want to get to know you as a friend before you get into dating stuff, if you only just met her. One time my friend asked me out, and without thinking I gave him shaky, non-definitive answers. I figured out a few days later what I had done and felt really bad, because he thought I all out said no. It was pretty rough after that and I've regretted it since.


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  • I don't think she was rejecting you. Sounds like you are just moving too fast for her. Just let her get to know you better and hang out with you more. Don't pressure her to decide what she wants too soon.

    • So, I should just talk to her, perhaps arrange another date, etc. without mentioning that conversation and see where it goes? Because I kind of put the ball in her camp and I am not sure if I should go get it, or ignore her until she throws it back?

  • What you said in the comment to nermalinda's response is exactly what you should do. Don't bring up what you are again until she does because now the ball is in her court for that but continue to go on dates and the like to get to know each other better and hopefully she will bring it up soon.

    • Even though I have not heard anything from her since?

    • Try talk to her first and see if she wants to go out again before jumping to the conclusion she rejected you.

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