Tips for an inexperienced girl to be comfortable around an experienced guy?

I recently started dating an older, very experienced guy. By very experienced I mean has had lots of girlfriends and the such. I myself have never had a boyfriend because of my extreme shyness. I have been working on talking to people without being shy, and I ended up with this guy.

We are going on a date very soon, and I really need some tips on how to be relaxed and comfortable around him, talking to him, kissing him, ect. Thanks in advance!


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  • The main thing imo is to relax. Don't force anything, don't try too hard to impress him.

    Be yourself, be calm around him, and enjoy yourself.

    Remember...a moment of silence isn't always a bad thing. A moment of silence and enjoying each others' company can be sexy. :)


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  • Meanwhile, inexperienced guys like me cringe when we hear our experienced friends brag about bagging another girl, and we end up trying to transform ourselves into 'Mr. Right' so we can get the inexperienced girl who is saving herself and will not compare us to previous lovers in bed for the first time...

    Sorry about that rant. If he's experienced, don't worry. He'll be in the pilot seat and expect you to be uncomfortable. You should be fine if you can keep him from wandering off.

  • Keep an open mind, and be ready to have some fun. If he has half a brain, he will help you feel at ease, and everything will be memorable and exciting.

  • Why don't you ask him? He'll not only help you but will like that you're being honest about it. :)


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