Was she being honest about her feelings?

I went on a date with a girl the other night. There was a mutual physical attraction, we had a great time, made out, cuddled, she even grabbed my right hand and put her on her boob to fondle. Near the end of the date, she requested that I meet her friends and go bar hopping with her and her friends the next night..

The next day, I talked to her to verify the plans. She said she didn't want to hang out that night, and that she didn't feel a spark with me. She assured me she had a great time, she said I was funny, interesting, and everything ..but there was no spark. So we agreed to be friends. I hope she meant that because she seems like the type of person I'd want in my life.

Ladies, do you think she was being honest about her feelings? Or just being nice and didn't want to hurt me?


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  • It could be either one. An easy letdown, so to say. To know for sure, ask her to meet up later this week or next week or whenever. If she says no, then you know. You could answer her that she should let you know when she can hang out. If you don't hear from her again, she was just being nice.

    • I sent her a text and she didn't respond. I guess she didn't want someone like me in her life.

    • Hm, better luck next time :)

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