What does It mean when a guy says this?

We are trying to take it slow and really get to know one another but we are really feeling each other. Our communication skills are on point, when we are together it's very enjoyable: the vibe is there, we can confide in each other and more, but it's only been 4 months. He said this then also sent me a link to a song with the title "could this be love." his words to me: "Truth is I don't know what I feel. I do know that I really care an like you more than you realize or know." then he told me to listen to the above lyrics of the song.

In just back in the dating scene after years of marriage so this is all new to me. All I know is that he makes me happy.


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  • I can not help but to smile when I read your post as it is truly sweet and sincere. In essence he is telling you he has fallen for you. But the the basis of your statement is your feelings not his. I can relate all to well with the reemergence to the dating scene after a lengthy marriage and I am sure your feelings are confused, you may even be scared. I would suggest you talk with him and express your feelings in a positive light as not to disappoint him. Reassure him that he makes you happy but most of all tell him that you may need a little patience as some walls a hard to dismantle in such a short period of time...

    • Thanks for your response. Yes I'm scared but can't dismiss my feelings for him. I was married for 20 years in a marriage that was lopsided. I tried to make that work but he walked out on me and his daughter. This one mature and sincere, considerate and more. I guess from all I've been through its hard to believe that someone could really care. I hope it's real and thanks again for your insight.

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  • He's trying to subtly tell you he might be falling in love with you. Congrats, he sounds like a good guy!

    • I gained the same insight but wanted to ensure I wasn't reading too much into it. I guess I was confused with the "I don't know what I feel," but then he went onto tell me how he fel he is a good and exceptional and family oriented guy and I guess he is trying to protect his feelings ask. Thanks so much for your response.

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