Do you agree with dating others when you're "on a break"?

Do you think people need time to be with other people to see if they are with the right person in the first place? my ex broke-up with me 4 months ago NOW he's trying to see me again. I miss him and all but I feel like okay summer's coming and he's going want to be single and mingle lol. How do you know if you've giving someone a chance to see what's out there. I don't wanna go back to him,or even hangout if he's seeing other people, I feel like he'll leave me again. idk..


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  • Maybe you should just slow down and think maybe if we do go out again then what will happen?

    Maybe you should just stay single and flirt with a whole bunch of guys and if you feel the need to get back with him then its never to late, unless he moves on then you'll know for sure he's not that into you