How do get good at texting girls; what are some good tips?

Generally I'm actually really good at text flirting with girls, but that happens without me thinking about it. Whenever the girl I'm talking to right now text me though, my brain just explodes into thought and I can't seem to be as smooth as I am with other girls that I just don't care about. So generally, I don't text her that much, and we just have a lot of fun whenever we get together in person.

Can you guys give me any pointers or rules or tips or something for me to stick to whenever my mind just starts thinking too much?


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  • text them good morning every so often. ALL the girls I text love that. I wait before I text, mayyybe 3-5 minutes. Shows your not THAT busy to text, and it's a comfortable wait for them. Ask them how their day was, randomly during the day.

    All of this works best when they least expect it.

    Give it a shot.

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    • True true. :). but what about the other way around. if a girl did that, would it be OK with a guy or would he think otherwise?

    • Kay: I'd like that a lot actually, but I like it more when they show appreciation to me when I text them that stuff. QA: "within conversations" varies between girl to girl. There are girls that are just 'downers' to text, so it might not be you. Only thing I can say about that is to be yourself and talk to her the same way she talks to you.