Is he going to break up with me?

everything's been great with us.

Saturday morning I was in a foul mood due to the morning after pill I had to take in the beginning of the week. I warned him about the possibility of me being weird and asked him to try to understand if it happens.

Anyways, I caused a fight over breakfast and it led to a big fight because I would not let things go. So I know its all my fault this time...

Sometimes I have mood swings, apart from this there is no problem between us, actually its perfect and he is very loving.

He has told me in past that my up and down has to stop because he finds it unstable and he doesn't like it and it worries him.

He left the morning saying he'll call. But he hasn't and has ignored my apologetic messages and few calls.

Today is the third day with no reply or a call...

Should I be worried he is going to break up with me?

We've been together for almost a year now.

Honestly everything's been blissful, he misses me if he doesn't see me one day and he can't get enough of me. I think I really made him angry this time that he may be reconsidering our relationship.

He is 31 and I'm 27 and he told me he wanted to have future with me...

Should I be worried? or is he just trying to teach me a lesson or trying to cool off...


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  • Could be all of those just try to keep apologising and stop taking the pills and get some other form of contraception

    • I am on the regular thing but something unusual happened in my last cycle so I had to consult to the pharmacist who suggested the morning after which I discussed with my boy friend as well.

      I shouldn't have expected him to understand though. Although I told him that I really hate taking them because it sends me mental...I don't think he's coming back. He loves everything about me except for my rare occasion foul moods. I would understand if he doesn't see a future with such an unstable woman..

    • Well I guess you have to wait it out and hope for the best

  • Maybe he needs some time. Just wait and see what happens


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