Don't know what is wrong with me with girls?

Okay this has to do with my problem with getting a girl and also I have never had a relationship, so the thought of one actually scares me a bit. This is due to am how could I make sure it would work and will I be a responsible in other words a good man for the girl I am with. Firstly when I see a girl that I find attractive, I don't approach her due to not knowing what to say to her and actually "create attraction." Even when I do get her number it comes down to what do I say (because I hate talking on the phone), and how to not get rejected like I did with all the others girls I went on one or two dates with.

An example I recently got this beautiful girls number but I just can't seem to man up and ask her out for the same reason (or excuses whatever you see it as) that I have listed. I am nervous that it will go the normal direction and I will get rejected or if I actually make it and how to be man enough to take care of her and keep out all the other pursuers.


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  • I'm not sure.

    I was washing dishes in the kitchen sink, there are windows looking onto this level of the building,

    for some reason when I was looking outside the UPS guy was waving at me so I just waved back at him...then he started doing a goofy dance in the parking lot...

    I could say "don't take it so seriously" but I'm not sure that would help you.

    I think it's great that you are dating...and maybe this is exactly what you are supposed to be doing right

    Okay, I had this job where I had to call a many people just to get a small number of participants to say yes, it was very much a numbers game...some people will say no, some people will be maybe's, some people will say yes...

    I think you are putting a lot of pressure on yourself maybe? See the thing is you can't make up her mind for her.

    Maybe don't think of it as rejection...when I went on dates that didn't work out I don't even use that term because the truth is we were not always a good match personality wise.


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  • make sure you have fresh breath and good hygiene,number compliment her,dont force a converstaion but ask her about herself,this will give you something to talk about,if the relationship progresses just be kind and respectful to her,women can be fragile like a flower..everything else will work itself out.


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  • You need to get more comfortable around girls. Once you have the confidence to be around them how attractive they are won't matter as much as how much you can actually get along. I would start by just talking to every girl I meet. Waitresses, the woman at the DMV, any woman at all no matter how young, old, attractive, or unattractive she might be. Just learn how to BS with them and make them laugh and you'll be fine.

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