He still has not texted me about anything going on tomorrow morning?

I had met him through a friend this past summer. We had never met or hung out until my friend had introduced as friends, and she still does not know that I like him as more than a friend. We had only hung out over the summer twice or three times, and I never realized my feelings until the school year started. When I got to school, I realized we had 3 classes together, and we saw each other a lot in the school hallways. We have second period together and then we walk to third together after because we have it together right across the hall and the we walk to fourth period together and it is very fun and he makes me laugh and we talk a lot in our class and outside our classes. Last Thursday, we were walking in the hallway and laugh and getting along great, and his friend comes up from behind and apologized for interrupting our conversation with a smirk, and then he asks about the plans they have for this weekend. He looks over to me and he asks me to hangout with him and his family and his friends at the parade this weekend, I say sure. Since he does not have my phone number yet, I tell him to text our mutual friend that was going to get my number from him so I can get the details. I do not receive any texts from him that night, so the next day I ask him if he texted our friend about this weekend. He said he had not, and I offered to just give him my number there, so he might have it already, but he does not so he gives me his phone and I add my number. And I tell him to text me this weekend, and now here I sit, on a Saturday night, and parade is tomorrow morning at nine Am, and he still has not texted me about anything going on tomorrow morning, and since he goes to bed early, I have lost hope that he will still text me tonight, so I texted our mutual friend to have him text me because I do not have his number. I hope he texts me tomorrow but waiting for him like this stings a lot. I just need advice from a someone helpful, because my real friends are not there for me right now, or they are avoiding as I am avoiding them. Thanks:).


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  • I think it's pretty simple. Just wait it out. It sounds like your in high school, and let me blunt. Usually relationships don't work out too great. You need a healthy grounding first. But besides all that, I think your over thinking things. Don't over think it. If it happens cool :), but if he doesn't text you, it's not the end of the world. Reading your statements about him, he sounds like a confident person, and I don't think will shine you, and not text you in the morning. So don't worry about a thing, and things will work out at the end.

    • thanks:) I think this will help fall asleep much easier tonight. I needed this.

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  • It's high school . I know things like this sting but it is does not mean anything.you will grow up and you'll remember that night that boy didn't call Nd how now much it hurt at the time and laugh.so just remember its high school its irrelevant. It'll pass

  • Hey, so what happened? Did he text you back?


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