Why does he have such a difficulty replying back when he otherwise seems interested?

Sorry for the typical high schooler question. My insecurities have just taken over at this point...

Anyway, I have known this guy since 8th grade. We used to be good friends, and had hung out previously around the time for like 6 hours just the two of us. He paid for my lunch, but I didn't really think it was a date. Fast forward 3 years to now, and he out of the blue chats me on Facebook and wants to hang out. I haven't talked to him since freshman year, so it was a bit of a pleasant surprise. He seemed like the same old Matt, and eventually he ended up inviting me to his house for a few hours one day.

He was going to give me guitar lessons, since he's amazing and I suck. That part lasted for maybe an hour, but then we got to catching up, talking, he sang some songs for me. None of which seemed out of the ordinary. But as the day progressed I would notice him making eye contact for longer, subtle touching, he asked I eat dinner with his family,&I stayed 3 hours more than intended. Make a long story short, we made out for 30 min on his couch. Right after, I left, gave him a kiss goodbye, he hugged me, I went on my way.

We've texted a few times I guess but nothing crazy. I don't think he's a big texter, and I guess I'm not either. But I ended up texting him every few days just because I could. Never just your standard "heeey", I always had something to ask him, or something to say. I invited him to hang out last weekend, and he ended up not being able to because of school work--I understand, I believe he was telling the truth. His message apparently didn't send the first time, so I had to prompt him on the day I had proposed and he said "oh sh*t, thought that sent blahblah". I believe that was the truth too.

Now this past week, I asked him if he wanted to hang out this weekend. (As you can see, I'm kind of determined.) He told me oh, he'd get back to me, (all the text messages he send me by the way have smiley faces) but then he never did. Yes, his phone died, or so he told the world of Facebook, but I also inboxed him so as to remind him I needed to know, as the weekend got closer. He updated his fb status after I had sent it, but he never replied to my message. And now there's that new fb feature that says" seen at 6:58" or whatever. I never saw that though, so I wonder if he saw the message. He's always been this way as far as always being busy, but I just feel like he would put forth more effort if he liked me..

Other things:

-He's only had one girlfriend.

-As far as I know, he's not the type to 'hookup'.

-We cuddled before we made out, and he and I talked about his ex, how he felt, etc. All of which are signs that he trusts me, likes me, whatever.

He's basically perfect in my eyes, EXCEPT for his lack of communication with me. Note that when we do converse, he has long responses, thoughtful, etc. so it's not like he CAN'T communicate.

What is happening?

ps. I like him if you couldn't tell, and ultimately hope to date him.


Most Helpful Guy

  • It means he's inconsiderate and you need to find someone who will treat you right. Obviously he's NOT perfect in your eyes, you just wish he was. Well he ain't, sweetie. Get that fact through your skull and find a guy who really is perfect for you. You'll be saving yourself a lot of heart ache.


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  • He's just not that into you. If he did like you, and you two had a connection, why wouldn't he put more effort, especially when you told him and pretty much laid out a plan. If a girl I liked did that, I would find time.

    • I should probably clarify that he only told me how he felt hurt by his ex.. not how he felt about me. and I didn't tell him how I feel either. That's why I'm freaking out about trying to see him again, so I can tell him in person. I hate doing that stuff over something as impersonal as texting.

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  • It sounds to me like you are really into him.

    Lay off for a few days...wait until he calls or texts you! Don't seem so anxious to be with him. Act chill.


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