When your date doesn't confirm the date?

This guy saw me, thought I was gorgeous and asked me out. He seemed really interested in me and everything. We were supposed to go out on date tonight. For some reason, I don't receive a text or a call from him yesterday or today to confirm the date. Does this happen to anyone else? That is really annoying. I guess he did me a favor.


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  • He did do you a favor. It gives a real guy a chance at seeing how you are worth their time and effort. You'll do fine, don't sweat this.


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  • So... text him and see what's up? I don't see the problem here other than you expect him to do everything. You failed the test. Do not pass go.

    • I did this morning. No answer and I'm not texting again. It only takes one text.

  • I can relate, because I blew off many women before lol. Hey, it sucks to be a man working in an administrative job.

    Ok, its either his priorities (school, work, family, friends) or his budget lol. For the priorities, I can relate because of my boss. You know I meet this girl, setup a date on the weekend and then my *sshole boss calls me, tells me to do this, that and that and its gotta be done over the weekend. So prioritizing my job because I don't want to lose it, I GOTTA DO what my boss tells me. Even if its just going to a meeting to represent him. I don't call the girl because I don't want drama, period lol.

    For the money, I don't really have problems with it. But if I feel as if the girl is not a one nightstand type and is the 2nd 3d date type, then I would second guess myself. I wouldn't wanna take her out on my local bar where its $20 per shot, and get no P*ssy after that. waste of time imo.


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  • This has happened to me before (it was a second date though). I was really interested in the guy, so I called him and casually asked if he had thought about where he wanted to eat.

    Did he even suggest a place and time already?

    • Yea he suggested a place and even said he'd call the restaurant to make reservations.

    • You could call him and ask what time he made the reservations for..

      this will also prompt to see if he'll be picking you up, or if you're meeting him there

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