Did I come on too strong?

We met at a bar. We talked for 3 hours and every so often he'd touch my arm- in a friendly way. He kissed my cheek, gave me two hugs and took my number.

On our first date I touched his arm a few times. They were a bit more than friendly. Pretty straight forward that those touches were supposed to be flirtatious and touchy feely. During this date we stood up the entire time- but he never once touched me :(

He did get close to me and gave me two hugs. I'm surprised he didn't even try to touch me in the slighest way. Make me feel like I came on strong or that he's lost his interest now.


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  • As a fact guys don't like ladies that come across as cheap which obviously you're not, play along and a little had to get he would cherish...Cheers.

    • its pretty clear I'm hard to get. if anything I come across as not interested- hence the touching. I was trying to show him I'm into him.

    • Most guys are not wired like ladies probably he was trying to take a step at a time or might not be his day,best would be to play along but don't give in too soon, cheers.

  • Maybe because it's 10x less appropriate for guys to touch girls. He probably just didn't want to get arrested.

    Seriously, there's a lot more pressure on guys when it comes to sexual advances than there is on girls. We have to walk on egg shells and play hop scotch with land mines to avoid being either called of pig or getting thrown out on our asses by the bouncers.

    And after how many dates was this, one? You might be over reactive just a bit. Set up another date and see how it goes. There is no science in a sample size of one.


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