First Kiss Nerves...

Wow, my first anonymous question D:

Well, my lips are still virgins despite me being near the mid-way point of my 20s. An issue has been following me for a good 10 years now: Every time a snog comes to mind, I get the strange compulsion to sneeze extremely loudly >.< (And extremely snottily, mind you!)

Any ideas about this? Am I allergic to affection? xD


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  • I had a few kisses when I was growing up. None really all that passionate or anything. I avoided sex on purpose due to my upbringing. Then as I got older, I had a girlfriend that I had no problems kissing, but really I wouldn't say we had any real makeout sessions or anything. There was a little bit of open mouth and tongue, but not much. Only a few kisses, not prolonged kissing or anything.

    However, the first real makeout session I had was with a girl who I wasn't in a relationship with but was a good friend with...and that ended up leading to sex, sooo...just be ready for whatever may come out of your first real makeout session. It might go farther than you intended to start with.

    When the time comes, just relax and go for it. That's all you can really do. Maybe you're awesome at it and don't know.

    • On the bright side, I could tell my chums that I covered her in something sticky without actually lying xD

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  • hahahaha reading your question made me laugh! I would probably say just nerves, like a nervous tick or something. whenever I get nervous, I always feel like I'm gonna cry. I had my first kiss(we made out for 4 hours haha) last Monday(27 August) and I actually did start to cry a bit because I was so nervous and I was afraid of what he would think of me/my kissing ha ha hope that helps, hun :-)

    • Good to see I'm not alone! :P

    • you, my good sir, are most definitely NOT alone :-)

  • LOL dude kissing isn't a big deal. I have kissed a lot...and really...I f***ing suck at it.

    It won't matter as long as the person likes you.

    • Alas, I'm yet to even say "Hello" to a lady ^^;

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  • Just sneeze AND kiss, it'll be a great how-we-met-story to tell your future children/grandchildren!

    No seriously, it's probably just a strange tick in your head, I have no idea what to do about it, maybe close your eyes beforehand and try to be the kissee instead of the kisser? :D

    • "Hey dear! *Snogs and sneezes at the same time*"

      A great story for the kids xD

    • It definitely would be great, go for it mate!

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