Will He Really Meet With Me To Talk?

I was seeing this guy but then he got distant, and now we are kind of talking again. I finally got up the nerve to say to him that we needed to talk because the things he had said to me-that he loved me, he missed me when I wasn't around, he wanted to be with me over his friends, etc.-don't just go away and I believe that some of those things that were said are true (I spoke with his cousin and he was shocked that this guy said this stuff and that we needed to figure it out because this guy doesn't just say things like that..). I told him that I maybe I should have told him earlier that I like him and miss him (its been 2 months) but I'm saying it now. I continued to say I know we don't make sense and I know you want to hold onto your independence, but I would never take that away from him and us not making sense doesn't matter. I told him we needed to talk about this and not via text and asked him to be honest and tell me if he just wanted to be friends. He told me that when he got home from vacation we would talk. I asked if we could meet this weekend because I needed to see him and since he is moving this week I want to give him time to do all of that. He didn't say anything about meeting this weekend. My question is, if he just wanted to be friends I feel like he would have said that in response to me confronting him, so will he actually meet with me to talk? What do you all think?


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  • When you asked him whether he wanted to "just be friends," the answer is "Yes" or "No," not "We'll talk later." I hope I'm wrong about this.

    You called it 'confrontation.' Better to think 'cooperation.'

    Confrontation alone may turn him off...

    • I did say that I wanted to talk about it in person...I didn't asked if he wanted to just be friends. I told him he should tell me but we needed to speak in person. I don't know. whatever.

    • Yeah, it's hard to think about.

      You're doing the right thing, wanting a clear answer, and doing it in person.

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