Online vs offline reality and looks

Let's say you meet a girl or a guy online, and you chat ,talk on Skype and Facebook or smthg. you think she or he is attractive, but are you sure they look like that in real life as well?

Are video chats or photos a realiable source as to how one looks in real life, and are you worried if meeting someone for the first time you gonna look different or worse?

:D Just a thought but been curious about it for a while.


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  • So far I haven't met anyone who didn't look like their picture. No one has ever questioned mine either since I'm told I'm hot,beautiful,etc.

    • Cool. Haha I see myself in a certain way in the mirror, but when I see a video, I seem to look completely different from how I usually see myself on my better pictures or even in the mirror.

      Does it ever happen to u?

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  • That's why I only post my worst pictures so that all the superficial people can flake. But yeah I would be disappointing if I thought I was going to meet a beautiful girl and she's actually 7 feet tall 500 pounds and her real name is Bob...

    • Hahaha that made me laugh

  • Let me tell you this, each girl could be a professional photographer.

    Sometimes a girl that I vaguely know adds me on Facebook and I will look at her picture and think "wow, she really got hot!" then when I run into her after a while she looks exactly like she used to.

    Why would you do that anyway? People are just going to be disappointed when they see you in real life...

    • Well I don't post photoshopped pictures of me, only the ones that I think turned out good, with no re-touch.

  • I had many situations back in the MySpace days where I would ask a girl to hangout and she looked hot online but in person looked like a goblin.

    • really? :O

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    • Haha have you seen her only on Skype before? or only on a pic?

    • Myspace days, was only pics and and nude pics on phone. There was no Skype

  • Video chats on Skype would be about the same unless they had an AWFUL cam.


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