She said maybe, asked for my number, said she would text me, two weeks ago

I asked a girl I work with if she would like to go out, she said "yeah, maybe", then asked for my number, and said she would text me, this was Thursday, I didn't see her till the following Tuesday, and asked her if I was still in maybe limbo, she said she had been busy, but she was still gonna text me, now its about two weeks, still no text. I don't know what to do, I've never made it past the "would you like to go out" part, so I have no idea on what to do, and would it be cool to invite her to a party I am gonna have in a week


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  • Could be that she simply forgot. You could ask her to the party, but if she says something like "no" "maybe" "I'll let you know" (but then doesn't), don't get your hopes up. It could be that she's busy or something, or it could be an easy let-down.

    If she doesn't let you know anything and she has your number, I'm afraid she's just not interested like that.


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