Dating a guy who will be moving soon?

So I've been talking to this guy for 5 months. He's in the usn and he just got word he might be moving in February to a different ship / base

Of course I told him I hope he does not go and he said the same, but we aren't 'official yet' we've been on a couple of dates but have Been talking for about 5 months. We like each other.

I know what I was get into by dating a sailor but since were not official, what do I do? Stop talking/dating? Or continue to date casually (or whatever) until he goes. I'm really sad. I really don't want to get more attached if he's gonna leave and were not official. I would like to keep seeing him but I know hoe long distant relationships are :/ it was going so well! :/
Forgot to mentio if he moves its too the west coast and we currently are in the east coast

How do you suppose I bring up the talk? I'm not trying to push it. I just feel confused now :/


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  • I think the talk is necessary here. Ask him what he is looking for and what he is wanting.

    More than likely he is going to want to know how you feel. You are the one who is going to have to handle his moving about.

    You also need to decide if you are going to be okay with not seeing him very often. You are going to have to trust the fact that he isn't out seeing other girls, etc- all the things that come along with any long distance relationship.


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