Guys what can we do to keep you interested?

What makes you want a girl? Keeps you interested? How often should she text/not text? What really makes you want her?

I have had love interests before and lost them because I didn't act interested enough in them because I didn't want to come off as too pushy but them because of that they have thought I was interested and backed off altogether.

Its such a hard game, I want to keep on top of it lol


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  • true .. its a hard game .. for me if a girl just tried to keep the convo going even though there is not much to talk about .. by doing that she shows that she wanna talk to me which makes want to keep her

  • Don't consider it a game, it's not.

    I want a girl when she smiles at me, shows me that she's comfortable being around me and talking to me. To keep me interested: smile at me from time to time. I love it when a girls smiles, it gives me a special feeling. I don't mind if she texts me a couple of time a day and I like it when she teases a bit, maybe just says funny/goofy stuff.

    I really want her when, again, she smiles at me, when she's comfortable talking to me about her life (both good and bad stuff), listens to me and when we can talk about just anything, have our inside jokes... and go on.. when she walks up to me and puts her hands around me tight, not letting go, whispers some naughty things into my ear, teases a bit.


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