Guys: If you got a text from a girl that you knew liked you?

Would it be awkward? Would you WANT to text her back, or would you only do it because you felt bad for her? (or something along those lines haha.)


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  • I'd text her back no matter what, to be polite. And if I also like her, then I'll text her back because I like her. Either way, I text back.

    I wouldn't think it's awkward, it's kind of cute I think.

  • it depends if we've ever talked, if I like her, (as superficial as it sounds if I've never talked to her and I don't find her physically attractive it would be awkward to me), umm if she's someone who I consider a good friend/we've been friends for a while, etc. its all about the details when it comes to a question like that


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