Is my partner justified in taking a new photo of his ex wife and keeping it on his phone?

Quick question and going to keep it simple:

Am I justified in being bemused as to why my partner would visit his ex wife's house, see a new photo of her he liked and then carry it around with him on his phone? Apparently I'm over reacting but I really can't understand why this is necessary.

He was there to see his child. I am completely accepting and understanding of this as it's for his child's benefit, But..taking photos of his ex?

I'm not going to go into details about how I found this but please trust that I wasn't snooping or looking - I was actually trying to do my partner a favour at the time. It was a shock.


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  • You have been more than understanding in this situation. I agree with post below that the focus should be on the current condition on your relationship, not necissarily the picture, which I would find extremely disturbing as well. You haven't met the fam after 3 years? Wow! This guy doesn't know what he has in the form of an incredibly patient and understanding partner in you! He is taking you for granted and I am concerned for you because after this length of time you should be a priority in his life and he doesn't seem to be making you one. Does the ex-wife know about you? I'd be getting some answers, which none will be reasonable, I fear, and I'd probably be walking. You deserve more.


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  • Do you know why he has the photo, as in what it is he likes about it?

    • He started by saying it's just a photo id in his phone book. When I asked why he would need that and when he asked his ex to pose for it etc he told me that it's a photo of a photo he saw on the side at his ex's house. he said he thought it was a nice photo so took a photo of it for himself on his phone. It's just of her face. Thanks for reply.

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    • Well there you go. Obviously he wasn't ready for a relationship. This happens in life.

    • :( Difficult to accept after three years of intense love and romance though. It's been perfect when we were actually together. Thanks for your responses

  • No,it's not a good thing in any sense what so ever!

    • Thank you kenrs64 - you know how it is when sometimes you actually start doubting yourself? He has me thinking like I'm crazy for having a problem with this.

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  • That's not good.. at all


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