What is a cheap yet acceptable first date?

I am 21 and going out with this 29 year old this weekend and we both don't have money until Monday. I think we collectively have 20 dollars... What do you think would be a great date idea?


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  • As a guy, I would definitely feel embarrassed that I do not have a good amount of money to treat you to a good time and flatter you.

    At the same time, most people who are thinking about love can look past that.

    Believe me, if this dude treats you right, you may have the opportunity to enjoy so many good times that money cannot buy!

    Money does count. However, it does not necessarily define love/stable relationships at all.

    Plus, a 29 year old male still has plenty of time to find a great opportunity/job to make really good money. In addition to that, the woman can also find a great means to making good money.

    I have a good friend who does not make much money, but his wife does. That alters the perception about the 'bread-winner', but in his case-his wife dearly loves him, and their relationship works well.

    So even though that would indicate perceived emasculation...there are many people that have this arrangement and it works for them.

    All that said...in the early stages, I believe that the woman should find her calling. If he is hot but broke, you may want to go with him anyway. You might have a great life together even if he is broke forever!

    I suspect that most women want a guy who is financially stable. That way, she can know that she is taken care of in the event of pregnancy and family needs. etc...

    I get that. I also know that there are women who can make ends meet, and have a happy relationship even when her man is not financially fruitful.

    So there is no infallible analysis about this.

    Use your best judgment.

    If you feel like this dude is awesome, take the leap!

    You only live once!

    Plus, there is a lot of evidence that men who are totally wealthy, are not the best boyfriends and husbands. So a guy that is not wealthy might just give you a better livelihood than a rich dude.

    Money does lend itself to stability, but it certainly does not guarantee happiness!

    In conclusion, some cheap beers at the local bowling alley can be the most fun a couple can have! Who needs Grey Goose and champagne at the hip club? Either one of those can equal the same amount of fun and potential for a connection. One of them is dirt-cheap. The other one costs a ton of money.

    You be the judge! :)


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  • make food from home and go to a park

  • Depending you time and place...you'll have lot of options :)

  • Beach? Maybe dinner and a movie at home?


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