Guys: Not ready for a relationship, then you meet someone?

Have you ever met a girl at a time in your life when you really didn't want a relationship -- yet she makes you rethink that? You tell her you're not wanting a relationship, yet the more time you spend together, the more you want to be with her?

This guy and I have spent so much time together alone -- nothing physical has happened -- and his actions say that he has feelings, I told him at one point I thought I was growing feelings and he didn't say he was but he didn't say he wasn't, either. We've met each others' families, he's opened up to me and he rarely ever opens up to to people, he's been bad at relationships in the past so he just gave up on them. I've never tried to change him at all, yet he's told me I'm a big reason why he wants to be a better person. Whenever we've been at parties together he just follows me around -- kind of hovers -- and gives other guys the message I'm taken. He took care of me when I'm sick. He tells me he wants to be the guy I turn to when I've had a bad day. Two times when he's been drinking, he almost says I love you but he stops himself. I'm trying so hard to hold back any feelings. When he first told me he didn't want a relationship, I got kind of angry because we'd just started hanging out and he was doing boyfriend like things so I was thrown off, and we didn't talk for awhile. That whole time we didn't talk, he texted/called me asking if I still wanted to be friends, to hang out, etc.


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  • I did once

    And she broke my heart

    • :( I'm so sorry to hear that. what did she do?

    • I can't really say it was her fault

      She was younger than me after all

      Not able to feel about me the way I felt about her

      Not mature enough

      If she wasn't my soulmate, she was very close

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