What's up with this guy? Asks me he's OK if we be friends?

Went on a coffee date with this guy I met last week on campus. Not really attracted to him, but wanted to see where this goes. It turned out alright, we talked for almost 2 hours, I tried not talking so much, I laughed at his funny stories. afterward he mentions wanting to have dinner/lunch sometime then asks if he can steal a kiss politely...me: sorry, um I don't do that this early... Then texts me an hour later saying that he'd be fine with us being friends if it's not too awkward.

Did I do something wrong? Or was this guy just looking for some action, he seemed polite enough earlier, but I didn't expect that in the end so soon. I didn't give any signals that I'm "loose," or stood too close to him. hmm interesting


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  • You sound like you don't really care... So much as you are slightly offended someone you aren't very interested in you feels the same way..

    • It was our FIRST date one in the afternoon. A coffee date, nothing conducive to kissing. lol

    • I'm talking about your question, not the actual date..

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  • Well you said it yourself, your not attracted to him so more than likely your body language gave off that vibe and when you denied him that kiss it just confirmed it.

    • I agree, but don't you think it's odd to expect that on not only our first date, but a coffee date? We're not little kids here

    • I honestly wouldn't know. I would think a small peck to the cheek would be fine. I wouldn't go for the lips though.

  • That happened because you did not kiss him. Were you born in the US?

    • Look at above comment please.

    • no such thing as not conducive to kissing unless you are a camel

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