How do you know if you're a good kisser?

I have never kissed anyone before (I know sad:( ). But I don't want my first kiss with my boyfriend to be terrible. How will I know I'm ready. Can you please leave me some tips.

-Thank You :D


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  • Basically, just relax your lips. Don't make them stiff and uninviting. Don't come at him with your mouth open and stick your tongue deep in his mouth. Instead, just let him take the lead and follow what he does. Maybe just start by putting one of his lips between yours (try to use a little bit of the smooth, inside part of your lips), then pull and suck a little bit for a second or so at a time. If he uses his tongue, then use yours. You may be nervous, but just try to enjoy it.


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  • Just relax your lips, odds are he'll do most of the work, its honestly something that takes practice to get used to it. But don't go hung ho and go for the tongue early on, start with a little lip-locking to start. Going French is a lot more passionate, and it can be awkward the first time, so just relax :) if you're relaxed it'll all go.smoothly

  • pretend that you're the best kisser in the world.


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