I like this guy, is there any advice so I can get closer to him?

So, there is this guy and we take a class together on Thursdays (yeyy tomorrow!) and I started to have a crush on him, as we exchanged words a couple of times on class. Last weekend, I was planning to make my first move and on Monday, I was with my friend, and he randomly came to our table and talk (to me, as he doesn't know my friend), until my friend joined the conversation and she ruined everything so he left, and then he came again to ask me something he could ask one of his friends, and he left.

Anyhow, I want to get closer to him, like hang out at the studio, add him on Facebook, etc.. the thing is that I get so shy with the guys I like, so I don't know how to do that. I have class with him tomorrow, and I also have this test on Monday of a class he already took last summer, so.. I was planning to ask him for some help. I don't know if I should, and if so, how to ask for it (yes, at silly as it sounds)


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  • Just start conversations. Ask him how he's doing, what's new, etc. If there is any midterms then its perfect to get together for a review.

    Just get familiar with him. After you get familiar with each other, it will feel more natural to exchange numbers.


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