I feel like he just wants to hook up with me? so confusing!

Met him in the elevator the first week of soon and later invited him over to an after party in our apartment, cause he lives on our floor. At the party he exchanged numbers with two of my friends and later that night he texted one asking what my number was. then he waited two days to text me...and since then (it's been like 2 weeks) he has texted me everyday asking what I'm up to" except two days, one in which he randomly showed up at our apartment door inviting us to a party.

I've gone to lunch with him once and smoked weed with him and his guy friends (their all growers) once but he has never made a move on me...just gave me an awkward hug once. Like he never says things sexual around me or touches me inappropriately.

I see him with a lot of other girls though and a good guy friend of mine told me that he just talks about girls he's hooked up with his guy friends.

I invited him over to a part once but he said he didn't want to come cause he was super drunk already and didn't want to "be a dumbass" and my friends party.

Then at this other party my friend was really drunk and asked him if he had a crush on me and he said "yeah I do. I think she's really cute." Then after we left the party he knocked on our door and called me three times but I texted him we were really tired and wanted to go to bed.

He compliments me too...like saying me boots are badass and that my photography is sick.

I feel like he just wants to hook up with me but he never makes any sexual innuendo or makes a move. how come? also- do you think he might just be showing off around his friends by talking sh*t about hooking up with girls? Or does that mean he is strictly a player?


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  • I think he is expecting you to make the first move to know if you really like him to the extent that you want to have sex with him.

    He does not want to be humiliated if you turn down his move, I mean he is kind of a guy who wants only positive to happen if he make a first move. That is the reason why he took your number from other girls to know about you.

    • So...he's a player who expects the girl to do all the work. interesting. lol.

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    • but I don't want to start anything with someone who just talks about girls he hooks up with with his friends.

    • hmmmm...now its like this...he may realize your interest and may slow down is hook ups and once again to what extent is until his desire gets fulfilled or as long as he respects your relationship. so you need work here. tell him directly how you feel about him. if things change in good directions then you can get along with him otherwise just be a normal friend...

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  • Sad to say but based on my analysis of all you have just said, he might be interested mainly in guys.. don't wanna burst your bubbles, as I could be wrong. Normally guys who rather guys tends to love to hook up with girls as good friends..

    • You're not bursting my bubble. I just want to better understand him. So he is just concentrated on guy friends right now and likes to hook up with his "female friends"

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