Why do people like to play games?

I've always been a "tell it to your face' kind of person. If I have to say something I say it that's it whether it's love or something else... What I don't get is what do people get out of playing around with somebody else feeling/minds..!

I mean I get it that sometimes in the flirting period teasing it's a little fun but a little goes a long way.. Why keep it up?


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  • People play games because it's like a ego boost even if they no intention of pursuing them.

    It's also a form of control so infact the victim is being played so to speak.

    Then there are those from the d***head category who just play games because they simply don't have any brains.

    I personally wouldn't waste my time with any guy who tried to maniplulate me through playing games. If a guy is GENUINELY into you he wouldn't act immature or make you feel awkard in any way. A sincere guy would be the one who goes out of his way to be nice to you with no agenda.


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  • Cowardice.

    Most of people rarely or never speak what's on their mind, and even those who do should be tactful and pick their battles - is it worth to make drama you could avoid?

    About flirting, it's almost always an ego trip, you flirt to ensure that you "got it", not necessarily you want to be with that person together.

  • You must be the kind of person that hates foreplay too.


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  • People like the rush of anxiety of it. It stems from a background of skewed perception and abuse.

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