Has he lost all interest in me? should I just let it go

I have no idea where to put this. I was dating a guy (only a few dates) but he initiated texting every day and arranged for another date. then his ex came back into the picture and he went back to her. Not more then a week later he dumped her and told me it didn't work out with her and it was a mistake to get back together with her. I have texted a few times since then and he always responds immediately. One conversation lasted seven hours and he kept asking questions and stuff. However, he never initiates texts. He has apologized a lot for how he handled things. I am wondering if he is only responding to my texts because he feels guilty or is being polite. I have left it for four days and no text. however, when I texted him he replied. I realize he probably needs space because of the ex thing not working out but am wondering if he lost all interest in me as well


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  • Don't waste your time. You'll only end up in a love triangle. He's not treating you like a priority and he most likely won't if you keep being the backup girl.

  • I have dated a guy like this before and trust me If he still likes his Ex Girl you will always be second best .I think the best thing you can do Is Ignore him I know this is hard because your sitting down analyzing everything sounds like you really like this guy .. you don't want to be the girl that he falls back on when everything goes wrong ..

    dont text or ring him just leave him be ..

    Trust me guys ALWAYS come back you will get either a drunk message or a text In a few weeks that's when you ignore him and find someone who likes you just as much as you like him

    He is not worth the Hassel

    Hope this helped

    Ps go out with friends and meet a new guy :)


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