How do I get them to want me, like... for real?

I'm a teenage girl, who has never had a boyfriend or fling.

I don't have a problem hooking up at parties at all, it's actually quite easy for me. But I can't find out how to get them to be interested in me when we're sober.

I feel very alone and it's like I'm missing out on something. I want anything - a secret flirt, a relationship, anything - with a nice guy who cares about me.

But how do I get their attention, when it's not just about hooking up once?


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  • I suppose NOT being the girl who hooks up with random people at drunken parties might put you in the "girlfriend material" department.

    Just a thought.


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  • That's the million dollar question. My best advice is you will have the best chance of finding it when you don't put out and the guy still wants to be around you. That's the best test there is.


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  •'ve already labeled yourself as the drunken slut so...looks like you have an uphill battle.

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