Finding the balance?

Theres this guy that was all over me. I really like him too, but he came on way too strong (sexually) and I feel like I've pushed him away.

How can I show my interest, yet not looking like I'm just jumping into bed?


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  • Do you want to jump into bed with him, or are you worried about looking like you're easy to get into bed?

    • I wouldn't be comfortable to do that yet.

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    • I know, I thought I was commenting on something else. I answered on this one, then thought I clicked back to another

    • Then show as much interest as is necessary to show him you're interested. As long as you don't make the bed part too easy, then I don't see how you can be worried about giving the impression that the only reason you showed interest was because you want sex as bad as he seemed to. Its not a good sign when a person acts like they want a piece of you, before they ever get to know you.

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  • You can always turn down someone's sexual advances. there's nothing wrong with that. Just tell him to ease up a little, and sooner or later you can get into bed eventually, just not now. Any DECENT guy will be willing to wait. Any guy who leaves because of it is not worth your time.


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  • Just tell him when he's too much. Go and have fun, and just tell him to relax when it's too much