Girls, would you respond to this text?

Alright, so let's say you met a guy today. Random guy, never seen him before, but he had a short convo with you and you gave him your number. Right after you and him split up, he sends you a text saying "Hey this is Jim :) just wanted you to have me number too. Have fun at class!"

Would you respond to it? Yes, no, or maybe?
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Ok, well this obviously happened to me. But in my case, the girl did not text me back. Does that mean she isn't interested, gave me the wrong number, or just doesn't want to talk anymore?


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  • I would appreciate you texting, but for someone who worked to get her/ my number, isn't that message lacking a little? Sounds like you are throwing the ball into her court for her to come up with a conversation topic when, in reality, the person texting first should be the one creating the topic, right?

    Maybe I would reply "Thanks, you too" the same way I reply to the mailman, maybe I wouldn't reply at all, even if you were super hot. Either way, the conversation is dead.

    Get a conversation topic, ask her out! If she doesn't reply, you will know why. Even if she gave you the wrong number, you also know why, she isn't interested. Keep trying with other girls.

    • All I wanted was for her to have my number. I didn't want to ask a question, or even have a conversation. I wated her to have my number so when I call her on Sunday she will know who it is, so it's not just a random number sure would ignore.

    • Wow, wouldn't it be better if you added that to your message? "wanted you to have my number too so you will know who is calling next time. Have fun at class and talk to you soon", something along these lines, giving the girl something to look forward? Even if she doesn't reply (there is still no real reason except for politeness for her to do so), she'll be expecting the call. She will probably pick up too.

    • It's the mystery of waiting. If I told her I'd call her, she wouldn't wonder about it at all. I wanted her to have my number, but I didn't want to ask her out then...I wanted to wait a while. It's all a game, it truly is. I used to not buy into it, but just distancing yourself from the situation for a bit really helps out.

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What Girls Said 10

  • No I wouldn't. Not out of ignorance - but he has my number, I now have his.

    There's no need to respond.

    Seriously, this is a classic case of looking waaaaay too much into something. If after a few weeks of knowing her you notice she barely responds then maybe a pattern has developed and you can draw your conclusions. But not until then.

    • I just wanted her to have my number, that's it. I'm not worried, I was just wondering if her not responding would mean I didn't get her actual number.

  • Personally, I always respond to texts (unless kinda annoyed at the person) but I know most people don't do that. Try asking an open question, that could lead to conversation (not just yes/no required) and see then

  • If I liked the guys I'd probably be too excited not to reply, I'd say SOMETHING. If I'm iffy or not into it, I'd let it pass.

  • I don't think there's really a need for her to respond to that. I would say wait a few days to see if she initiates conversation at all, and if not you can text her. I know a lot of girls feel weird texting a guy first so if you don't hear from her in a few days definitely send her another message, just a simple "hey what's up?" and then see what happens.

  • Ummm I probably would reply back. Maybe she's not the kind that replies back to text messages when there is nothing really to reply back.

  • Ummm, yeah just say "thanks" or something. He just wants both side to have each others number. dang. lol

  • sure! why wouldn't i?

    seems like a nice guy to get to know

  • Yes...because I gave him my number...that wouldn't make.sense NOT to.respond..

    • She hasn't responded :(

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    • Or she didn't get my text because it wasn't her real number haha

    • Ooo that's totally true. That does happen.

  • Yes, I would.

    I'd say, "Thank you. Talk later."

  • I would, but I'd wait a while

    • What's a while?

    • Probably until the end of the day, before bed. Kind of act like you just read it.

      It makes you look like you've been busy so you're not TOO interested...

      ...but also interested enough to respond to the message.

      This way, any path is open, whether you do end up liking the guy or don't.

What Guys Said 1

  • Jim should've given her something to respond to.

    • I didn't want to have a conversation over text. I just wanted her to have my number so I could call her in a couple days to ask her on a date and she'd know who it is... and not just some random number

    • Then you should've hit the call button right after you got her number so it registered on her phone before she even left to class.

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