What is life like, specifically dating like in your 40s? Say if you have no kids.

The question as above. I just came out of a relationship and am wondering what is it like to be in my 40s and still doing the whole dating game. Is it any different? Who you date? How are you different from your 30s and how is the dating circle like (presumably people in early 40s late 30s)? Might help when answering to say which continent you are from for some context? I'm from an English-speaking country in Asia.


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  • No problem...but then I'm a guy. The ratio of men to women decreases after about the 6th month, so there'll be more competition.

    Also, many of the "good" men are married.

    But "Mr. Right" is out there. I found my wife when I was 45. It's been a very, very, very, ... you get the idea, happy marriage.

    I am from the USA.

    • May we be friends?

      I rarely request friendships from and never friend-request women.

      But I'll gladly accept a friend request from you.

      We may have more to discuss.

  • Expect to look to older men if you're looking for something serious. Beyond that be clear about what YOU are looking for, meet lots of men and be ready to move on fast I'd it doesn't look promising.


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