She doesn't text me first

i like this girl and I'm sure she likes me. we made each other CD's and she asks me to visit her at work. she made up a nickname for me and wrote it on the CD

i've been talking to her for a little over 2 weeks, and when I ask to hang out she ignores me. last time I texted her was Monday, and she ignored me and we Haven't texted since.

90% of the time I text her first, so I figure now its best to wait for her to text me first cause if she really likes me she would.

i am 17 she is 19
i mean, she's 17 I'm 19 lol


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  • Maybe she doesn't want to seem annoying or clingy


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  • I would wait! I am having the same deal. I texted him and I got one response. If they really care and want to talk, they will. Hope this helped!

    • she seems like the type of girl who would expect me to be a man. I usually initiate contact, and last time she initiated contact, I gave her a dead end answer purposely.. but that was only cause she ignored my phone call earlier.

    • Well it's kind of a two way road... You both should try to talk to each other. You shouldn't always be expected to do it all. You being the man or not.

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  • For some reason, plenty of girls seem to think that a guy has to text first. It's silly if you ask me.